The (mainstream) Blogger: Part I

August 12, 2014

Part 1

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Fashion bloggers are more than an adjective. One of the most popular hashtag in Instagram and twitter is shaping the fashion world. Fashion bloggers occupy a whole chapter in fashion books. And they have even their own books!. But instead of explain the-consumer-as-stylist phenomenon that catapult us to the so-called fashion blogger era, this post will be dedicated to make fun of all the fashion bloggers out there (Me included) that at some point fall in the category of "mainstream" in a huge attempt to make our way through in the big leagues of the social media universe (Where Kim Kardashian Reigns).

Innovation and creativity are mantras for any fashion blogger. We are all the time with the creativity bug active - or at least pretend we have it. We are our own stylist, manager, art director, photographer etc. We have to REALLY think how to spot our shoes in the street with the perfect background or how to organize our clothes in order to have a couple of likes accompanied by the #ootd! We want to be transgressive, unique!, we want that je-ne-sais-quoi in our image that differentiate us from the rest and moreover, we want all that in the easiest way possible. It's hard.

And it is even harder if you consider the exponential growth of emergent fashion bloggers every day, with the same dream of being noticed; with the same ideas about what-it-is-(right)-to-wear. Hence, the possibilities of being a fashion transgressor everyday goes downhill and you fall in the desperate state of being mainstream. Breathe. Mainstream is good (sometimes). Mainstream is statement; fashion democratization.

Ready to laugh with our guide of Mainstream blogger. CLICK HERE!

Los bloggeros de moda son más que un adjetivo. Uno de los hashtag más populares en Instagram y Twitter está moldeando el mundo de la moda. Los bloggeros de moda ocupan ya un capítulo entero en libros de moda e incluso tienen sus propios libros!. Pero en vez de explicar el gran fenómeno del consumidor-como-estilista que nos catapulta hacia la era de los bloggeros de moda, este post será dedicado a todos los bloggeros (incluyendome) que en algún punto han sentido que caen en la categoría del anglicismo "mainstream" en los varios intentos de abrir nuestro camino hacia las grandes ligas del social media (dónde Kim Kardashian reina). 

Innovación y creatividad son los mantras de cualquier bloggero de moda. Estamos todo el tiempo con el bicho de la creatividad prendido o al menos pretender que lo tenemos. Nosotros somos nuestro propio estilista, manager, director de arte, fotografo etc. Tenemos que REALMENTE pensar la toma de nuestros zapatos con un fondo apropiado o cómo organizar la ropa de manera idónea para tener un par de "me gusta" y cumplir con el requisito de #ootd! 

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