Roundup: New York Fashion Week Men's

11:07 PM

New York Fashion Week
By Dauphin 

Public School

From the risqué yet classic Perry Ellis to the norm-core Rag and Bone, New York Men's fashion week schooled with the upcoming trends of summer/spring 2016. Subject: Fashion. Lesson: Be bold, be white! As NYFW wrapped up last week, here there are a few #Tipzazz so you can hit the concrete walk with scholastic taste.

1. Layering leggings and shorts: It was inevitable to overlook this repetitive trend along the runways. It is all about enhancing that sporty appeal.

2. Bag but don't sag: pleated and baggy trousers have made a huge come back this runway season. Free yourself once in a while with a bigger and looser silhouette.

2. Mix n' Match: there are no rules when it comes to patterns and textures, it's all about color theory.

3. Stubby/Thick footwear: dare to go with a more sporty and easier step when it comes to shoes. The bigger the kicks, the better.  

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  1. I love that there are Sikh and other Asian men slaying the fashion industry all over the world.It makes me proud.some of these models are a bit weird but that's the part of modeling.Also I love New York so much..Thanks for sharing

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